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A picture of a glucose monitor.

Find a Choice of Diabetes Products at Our Store in Winnipeg

A blood sugar monitor is an essential component of home health care for people with diabetes to ensure blood sugar levels are neither too high nor too low. Diabetes products are available at Brathwaite's Pharmacy to help persons with diabetes better manage their health. Brathwaite's Pharmacy offers in-store items and home delivery in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Contact us if you have any questions to ask regarding diabetes.

Choose the Right Glucose Monitor for Your Health Needs 

Food, drugs, exercise, and stress can all impact a diabetic person’s blood glucose level. As a result, people with diabetes must have the right tools to promptly, swiftly, and correctly check daily blood sugar levels. Brathwaite's Pharmacy offers a large assortment of glucometers to fulfil your diabetes care needs. For example, you may locate a range of digital glucometers that are simple to use.

A picture of Brathwaite's Pharmacy’s store from outside.

Blood Sugar Monitors and Other Diabetes Supplies at Brathwaite's Pharmacy.

A diabetic individual needs several vital products and supplies in order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. While blood sugar monitors are an essential tool, Brathwaite's Pharmacy also has a wide variety of diabetes care items for healthy living.

A senior woman holding a glucometer and smiling.

Diabetes Products Available

Visit our store to buy a variety of diabetes supplies.

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